Exterior design 

Specialist in the manufacture of light leisure habitats for outdoor tourism, NOMAD SHELTERS has been developing innovative products for several years that combine closeness to nature and comfort.​

Reliable wooden tents and lodges, adapted to the needs of campsite operators and their users.​

Unique, personalized creations that meet high standards of quality, finish and aesthetics​.


Our wooden shelter solutions are custom-made and adapted to each customer project. ​

Made from recycled wood, the price positioning is particularly attractive.

These structures are practical, solid and aesthetic, and are quick to install.

  • Ecological solution
  • Customizable
  • ​ Practical, aesthetic and affordable solution​
  • Quick to install
  • Affordable price
  • Adaptability of the ground fixing system
  • Shade shelter
  • Wind resistance
  • Delivery, installation and assembly guaranteed

Outdoor furniture

RH&C elevates wood by producing competitively priced outdoor furniture with elegant designs. Architects, designers, and decorators help us offer a range of products that are resistant, comfortable, and aesthetic, including lounges, dining sets, sunbeds, chairs, and screens.​

RH&C also offers a wide range of outdoor sofas, armchairs, and ottomans. With its expertise in interior design, RH&C utilizes its know-how to create highly resistant product ranges that are suitable for outdoor weather conditions.​

Our customized and comprehensive support enables us to create personalized outdoor atmospheres for you.​


Innovative products that combine closeness to nature and comfort.​

Adapted to outdoor operations, our lodges offer a daring marriage of wood and canvas on a sturdy galvanized steel frame.​

Mechanically welded, triangulated, hot-dipped galvanized steel, the metal frame resists bad weather and strong winds. Clad in wood, it does not compromise the interior aesthetics but consolidates the entire wooden structure, making it more robust and long-lasting. Our geotextile fabric conical roofs have proven their performance both in terms of UV resistance and in the face of all kinds of weather. They require no maintenance, have a very long life span and are easily replaced at a moderate cost.​


A centuries-old tradition meets the latest technology in structures and materials.

Our offer is composed of versatile and modular structures with customization of spaces and atmospheres according to the needs of each hotelier.​

In addition to their aesthetics, our tents are resistant to fire, ultraviolet rays and wind, ensuring their stability and longevity.​